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The ’80s Sticker Blog Post You’ve Waited for All Your Life

October 14, 2015

Yes, it’s true, Flashback Friends! I have written a blog post about the 1980s!

A genuine ’80s blog post like the Olden Days when I wrote those for Childhood Relived.

It’s a throwback on a throwback!

Join me over at my new blog and I will show you a childhood flashback like you’ve never seen with a heaping side of snarky social commentary: Click here. And then scratch here and sniff.


Where Have I Been All Your Wonderful Life?

August 3, 2015
I think there are children crawling on me, Mary. Quick, get the fly swatter.

I think there are children crawling on me, Mary. Quick, get the fly swatter.

Dear Kind and Gentle Readers,

In case you are wondering where I disappeared to many moons ago (in case you remember who I am), I will give you a glimpse of my life today, over yonder at my new blog Punch Drunk Village (click here for the gory details).

I hope it will explain why I can’t seem to muster the energy to spend one more late night googling images of mullets, Twinkies and Kirk Cameron to exploit on this blog.

Your Friend in Flashbacks (always…even though I’m so very, very tired),

Angie Z.

P.S. I will always find time to exploit Kirk Cameron. Just not on this blog.

A Rose by Any Other Name

July 22, 2015

Today, over at my new blog Punch Drunk Village, you’ll learn why Rose, Dorothy, Blanche and Sophia were not meant to be Piper, Bella, Tatum and Addison.

And FOR GOD’S SAKE not Caitlyn! I hope you’ll join me there.

Golden Girls

It Takes a Village

July 13, 2015

Last week I shared my news that I’ve returned to writing and have a NEW blog venture to announce. Wow, flashback friends! I’m incredibly humbled by the warm welcome back – thank you all!

So many wonderful comments of support! If I had to pick a few, I’d say my favorites were:

Yahooooo! I’ve missed you, Angie!

Where were you, Angie? Horshack from Welcome Back, Kotter died and I was worried sick about how you were taking it.

Great* news!  *If your new blog isn’t about the ‘80s, please omit. Comment should then read as “News!”

I don’t remember you….did I sell you that Cabbage Patch Doll on eBay?

I’ve missed reliving the ‘80s with you, Angie! The world is scary now and nothing bad ever happened back then except for New Coke.

Just the Ten of Us was the best spin-off ever, how dare you.

Thank you for this information on this website that conveyed an exciting topic that I did not know! I like this site but I see you are lacking followers to read your important messages about! I can help you with topics and design content for what things! Please see for more exciting topics on this message!

I am blessed.

In fact, I was so struck by your expressed enthusiasm for Childhood Relived, I’ve decided to incorporate more fun flashbacks into my NEW blog than I’d originally planned. Which, come on, can I ever have a single conversation without referencing Three’s Company anyway? Not. Even. One.

I’m thankful to get to share this blog with a couple of my best-friends-forever-with-necklaces-to-prove-it who are talented writers and especially witty in a way that makes me regress back to my pants-piddling days of tying windbreakers around my waist to hide the evidence. I hope you’ll choose to follow me there and eventually grow to accept and love these writers as much as I do, possibly letting them braid your hair, shop for your first bra, and walk you down the aisle at your wedding if that isn’t moving things too quickly. I want us to be a family.

So without further ado (actually, perhaps more ado later when I start bribing you with ridiculous contests), I present Punch Drunk Village: .

village people

Which has nothing to do with this Village. Unless that would make you visit me there. Then, yes, and I’m the cowboy.

Are you there, friends? It’s me, Angie Z.

July 6, 2015

It just came to my attention that last week marked the 4th anniversary of my blog, Childhood Relived! Four years….wow. It goes so fast. Why, only yesterday my blog was knee-high to a grasshopper and now it’s all grown up, living in my basement and binge-watching Quantum Leap reruns on Netflix.

Oh, something-something time in a bottle…

Meanwhile, it also just came to my attention that I’m soon to celebrate another blog anniversary! Yes indeed. Next month marks the 2nd anniversary since….I ditched my blog. (Gulp.) Two years….wow. It goes so fast.

Hello, remember me? Me, your friend in flashbacks, the one who once ate playdough and piddled in my pants? The one who had imaginary conversations with John Cusack, the one who helped you remember the exact swish sound your parachute pants made when you walked? The one who looked pathetically like this:


Yes. That was me.

And then I birthed a human baby, you see. And that baby required some time and attention and parts of my body. And I was up in the night and, weeeeeeeelllll, when you’re averaging 5 hours of sleep a night, it turns out you actually cannot (1) operate heavy equipment, (2) fly airplanes, or (3) google photos of John Stamos’ 1988 hairdo for a blog post on the top 10 best TV sitcom mullets.

But now my baby is a toddler and practically on his own. And I’ve missed it around here. I’ve missed you. I’ve missed us! And so now, well, I’m sort of back. If you’ll have me.

Soon I will be posting the details of my new blogging venture. I’m very excited about it! Like more excited than I even was about New Coke! Like this will be super better than New Coke, I promise. Or just think of it as a Childhood Relived spin-off. Like when a show ended and you were all, awwww…it’s over. And then you were all, yaaaaay! It’s over but it’s kind of back, only with different Big Misunderstandings and new characters and one could even look a tiny bit like Don Knotts if you squint just right, and then it’s almost like old times.

Just like that.

So pretty-please-with-some-Skittles-on-top stay tuned to what will surely be the greatest spin-off ever created since Three’s a Crowd  Joanie Loves Chachi  Just the Ten of Us  The Brady Brides  Laverne & Shirley.