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You Asked, So I Dug Deeper!

July 10, 2011

I was floored by the interest generated by my reference and photo of the PVC pipe jungle gym.  I swear on my cat Pigeon’s ashes, I thought I had invented the concept.  But Mr. Google said otherwise.  And that got me to thinking, maybe this idea isn’t so half-baked.  Judging by the number of clicks on the picture at left (196,514 hits and counting) featured in A Rotten Banana, I can see you all agree.  

Therefore, I feel it is my duty to offer information on how you can build your own (click here for the scoop).  Here on the website I’ve provided, you will find not only how to build a PVC pipe jungle gym, but also how to cleverly create with PVC pipe such handy items as:  1.) a canoe hauler, 2.) a HAM radio antenna, 3.) a dog water bowl stand, 4.) a backyard gazebo, 5.) a pick-up truck bike rack, and 6.) a fish gutting table. 

Now, get to work on your projects!  I promise you, the children in your neighborhood will marvel at your ingenuity.  (I know my mom will.)  Please share photos with me of your progress along the way.  Enjoy!


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