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Dear Jessica . . . Gonzo is a Tool

July 16, 2012

Dear Special Readers,

It’s a small world.  Disney told you that, right?

And the world of blogging is even smaller.

Get this — recently I ran into my old childhood pen pal through blogging!  Her name is Jessica and she writes a delightfully clever blog called Jessseeker.  And she’s a pro when it comes to writing about nostalgia and “the stuff and the thing” in her signature whiskers-on-kittens-adorable Brit-speak.

It was while I was reading her blog the past few months that I was like, “Hey, I’ve read this before — poor Tiny Tears’ undoing, those four menaces you call your brothers, all of it — what gives?”  And she was like, “I know I’ve seen your twitchy little face before.”  And I was like, “I’m so better looking now.”  And she was like, “Didn’t I just see you in a vinyl choker with your hair smashed up like a jelly mould?”  And I was like, “Um, what’s the Queen up to these days?”

So we dug around in old boxes of stuff and — cha-ching — we found our old letters!

Jessica has today posted the first letter I wrote her in 1982 — on her blog here.  No, click right here.  Actually here too.  Whatever.

Will I see you there?  I hope so.  In fact, meet me at the concession stand — but not before I shotgun a box of Jujyfruits (if they have those in England) and of course, pour butter salt in my mouth.  Always.

Your Friend in Flashbacks,


P.S.  Stop back tomorrow when I’ll be posting the first letter Jessica wrote to me.   

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